Friday, October 9, 2009

Catalyst Conference '09


seriously. DANG.

So many leadership concepts going through my mind right now. One of the biggest takeaways that was impressed on me was God has invited us to play a part in HIS story, not the other way around. PLAY. YOUR. PART. WELL!

Really hit me hard, because we all have our stories about something awesome God has done in our lives or in the life of someone close to us and we need to consider it a PRIVILEGE that He will allow us to play a part in HIS story.

Another HUGE takeaway I got was from Rob Bell. He was talking about how a lot of times we will go to conferences like Catalyst and see these big speakers and top names and those of us who are speakers, communicators, or worship leaders will look at whoever is on that stage and LUST after who they are and the stage they are on. We will see them and just wish that would happen to us.

Here is the deal. Follow the commandments that has already been set in front of you. Follow the first nine and the TENTH (do not covet) will end up being a gift, rather than a commandment. If you follow God's commandments you won't WANT anyone else's life because you will be so consumed with what it is He is doing in your own! Matt Chandler also hit on this a little bit and said this: "It is a lack of gratitude that we want to be someone we aren't." Enjoy the place where you are at and the work that is being done.

Anyways, that's all for now.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where are you God?

Anyone ever asked that question?? I did the other day. It was one of those days where things went from great to pretty crappy really quick. I was wondering if God was taking the day off from watching over me and I felt pretty down about it. Until I read Luke 24:13-33 (

This was right after his death/resurrection of Jesus and only a few people knew about the second part of that. I love how Jesus was kinda just messing with the guys asking them questions about "the events that took place."

These two men were pretty down. They were pretty depressed. The person they thought was God was brutally murdered before them and three days later He was still no where to be seen. As far as they knew nothing had changed. But here is what is so cool about the passage, Jesus was RIGHT THERE with them the entire time. They were down and depressed, thought they were on this seven mile journey by themselves, but it turns out Jesus is right there walking with them.

In your life today, it might seem like you are doing a seven mile journey by yourself. Take heart and know that God is right there by your side. Even if you don't seem Him or think He is there, He is.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

God is...Lord

So last wednesday I got a chance to speak to the 706 on who God isn't in our lives, so I got to speak a message entitled God isn't Santa Claus and tell about how a lot of times we live our lives as if God is Santa Claus (for instance, the majority of our prayers will turn into "Christmas List's" that we send up to God every night and if we are a good boy or girl He will give us whatever we want).

But this got me thinking. Who is God to me? I gave an entire sermon on who God isn't, but who is He to me? What is the ONE characteristic of Him that resignates with me? I thought about it, and here is what I came up with.

God is Lord. The end. Period.

Here is why this is so huge to me and why I think it should be huge to you too: no matter how bad things get, no matter how difficult things might seem at times, no matter where you are at in your life right now, God still reigns. He is still on the throne and He will be there for ETERNITY! That should pump us up! The mere thought of it is inspiring and uplifting! He wins! The end!

It just hit me, when we start thinking "kingdom minded" all of our "problems" seem SO much smaller in the grand scheme of things. We need to remember who is on the throne and how THAT is the God we serve! He loves us and He will NEVER leave us or forsake us. God IS Lord!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

The 21 Day Daniel Fast...Aftermath

It's over. As of today. God taught me some INCREDIBLE things over the past 21 days, I couldn't believe how much God showed me! Probably the biggest thing God showed me was where He wants me to go to school after Gainesville State.

This has been the main prayer that I have been praying since the fast started (that, and God just speaking to me in some way shape or form every day). I believe He is leading me to Kennesaw State. Why Kennesaw? Beats me man. It always seemed like a super awesome school from the website and pictures, but I had no idea that's where God would be leading me. Talked to the Pops about it and he said if I make hope then I can go for sure, but if I don't then it might take some budgetary adjustments. Please be praying for me so that I can be sure of this decision.It is a huge move and leap of faith, and I don't want to jump into the deep end if I can't even swim, so please pray for me in whatever way you can over the next few months. Thank you muchly.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Something Cool

Lately I have been doubting my abilites to complete the calling God has placed on my life. I take a look around at the tough conversations that Wesley has to have and it scares me knowing that I will be in that situation eventually. I call out to God telling Him that I don't know if I can do what it is He has called me to do.

Tonight, I got to talk to a lovely young lady by the name of Ashley Evans. I don't know Ashley extremely well like I do some of the other leaders, but she is a SOLID leader! From the few conversations I have had with her, she is an incredible person. Ashley approached me today after youth and wanted to talk to me. She could tell I have a lot on my plate and how stressed out I seem to be at youth (I always want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as it possibly can) and that I have been too hard on myself (which is true, don't get me wrong). But then she said something to me that brought me to tears. She looked me dead in the eyes and with the most sincere voice said "There is something special about you. God wanted me to tell you that He has some big plans for you and that you need to hang in there."


That ministered to me SOOOO much! More than she probably knows it did. God, help me to stay faithful to the calling you have laid on my heart!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The 21 Day Daniel Fast...

Pastor Jim Carpenter has asked me to blog on our 21 day daniel fast. Paul Sims officially set up this blog for me, so here is the link...

Does this mean I will stop blogging here? Heck no, it just means for the next 21 days, go there instead, cause I'm too busy to write two blogs. So go check it out.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spontaneous Baptisms

Man what an unbelievable day! Jim preached a message on Biblical Baptism and how when people got saved in the book of Acts they repented of their sin, they were saved, and they were baptised THAT DAY! He spoke on how TODAY was that day for many people. We got to see 39 people get baptised spontaneously today and it was unbelievable! I loved every second of it! I am so stinkin proud of the staff who stayed late at the church pretty much every night this week to make sure that we were able to pull it off (seriously, most of them worked close to an 80 hour week this past week to make sure everything was set). I am so stinkin proud of the volunteers who were faithful to their positions and who sacrificed two services to make sure that those being baptised were taken care of! And lastly, I am so stinkin proud of all those people who stepped forward to be baptised this morning. It took lots of guts, courage, and boldness of faith. It had to rank on my top 5 compass moments of all time. Such an incredible day.