Friday, October 9, 2009

Catalyst Conference '09


seriously. DANG.

So many leadership concepts going through my mind right now. One of the biggest takeaways that was impressed on me was God has invited us to play a part in HIS story, not the other way around. PLAY. YOUR. PART. WELL!

Really hit me hard, because we all have our stories about something awesome God has done in our lives or in the life of someone close to us and we need to consider it a PRIVILEGE that He will allow us to play a part in HIS story.

Another HUGE takeaway I got was from Rob Bell. He was talking about how a lot of times we will go to conferences like Catalyst and see these big speakers and top names and those of us who are speakers, communicators, or worship leaders will look at whoever is on that stage and LUST after who they are and the stage they are on. We will see them and just wish that would happen to us.

Here is the deal. Follow the commandments that has already been set in front of you. Follow the first nine and the TENTH (do not covet) will end up being a gift, rather than a commandment. If you follow God's commandments you won't WANT anyone else's life because you will be so consumed with what it is He is doing in your own! Matt Chandler also hit on this a little bit and said this: "It is a lack of gratitude that we want to be someone we aren't." Enjoy the place where you are at and the work that is being done.

Anyways, that's all for now.


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